Split Lip Magazine is an online venue for literature. We accept works of fiction (flash and short story), memoir and poetry. Please read the guidelines, which are not very complicated, and submit accordingly. Each category gives a little information regarding what we're seeking, but what will help us all is for you, the writer, to read the current issue (at least one piece in your genre) or pick a few from our archives. Please gather a sense of what we prefer to publish before submitting. We appreciate you taking time to check us out and look forward to reading what you have to offer. 

Ends on March 1, 2017$ 10.00
$ 10.00
We are currently looking for:
--short fiction collections
--poetry collections
--essay collections
--experimental memoirs
--hybrid works

To get an idea of what we love, please check out our most recent offerings, as well as Split Lip Magazine.

We publish one chapbook and 2-3 full-length books a year:  competition is steep. 

We work closely with our authors on all elements of their book, from design to promotion. We are engaged in the literary community, and as writers ourselves, we know how important it is to have a book that you love that is supported by a press that loves you.

We'd love you to be part of the Split Lip family.

Please allow 3 months for replies to manuscript submissions. Simultaneous submissions are obviously welcome--just let us know if another publisher snags you first.

Thank you for considering Split Lip Press as the home for your book.

P.S. The $10 reading fee is to cover our costs and for promotion for our press and books (via Submittable, advertising, etc.), and we think of it like a donation. As literary people ourselves, we also sometimes have to pay these fees, but we do it to support our fellow struggling (for now) presses.  But we don't want a fee to keep us from finding the best work out there. If you can't afford the fee, send a query letter to: editor@splitlipmagazine.com.